Hulu Tamu Hot Spring, Selangor, Malaysia


Located in the Hulu Selangor district about 7km away from town in the countryside. The Hulu Tamu hot spring is often visited by locals. Here, often crowded in the evening by locals. Visitors will also notice locals collecting the water in bucketloads – purported to cure various ailments.

It’s maintained like a park, and one source of hot spring is pulled into a bathtub about 10 meters away. The source temperature is about 50°C. Since it is too hot , there is water tank on the way and cool it to an appropriate temperature. Hot water from the underground springs is believed by some to have medicinal value, especially in cures for skin ailments and rheumatism.

The bath temperature is about 43℃. In Malaysian climate, it feels hot but the hot water is good, so it fits on your skin.It smells a bit of sulfur, and is transparent with a slight brown tinge.

The quality is almost same as Labis hot spring in Johor Bharu.


There were 2 pools; hot spring & shallow pool for children. Within the hot spring, there was a pond with hotter water. Bubbles were seen coming out through the cracks at the bottom and we could easily see steam too. I wished there were indications on the temperature of the hot spring.



Parking is free.

[Opening hour]

Day and Night (crowded during the evening)



Hulu Tamu, 44300, Selangor, Malaysia

Around one hour from Kuala Lumpur (KL) by a car. From Lawan, a small city north of Kuala Lumpur, head north on Route 1. If you head toward Genting, you can find a guide sign to the Hulu Tamu hot spring.