Makiling Onsen Hotel, Los Baños, Philippines


This time I will introduce a Japanese style hotel “Makiling Onsen Hotel” (真貴林温泉).

Looking at the exterior and interior of the building, I think that it is the real Japanese-style hotel in Southeast Asia.

A hotel reminiscent of Japan 30 years ago. In the room, furniture such as tatami mats and lighting equipment brought by the owner from Japan. The bath is stone pavement and you can enter the hot spring as much as you want.


When you pay at the front desk, you will be given a set of hot spring towels and bath towels. I thought it is a gift but the staff asked me to return when I go back. I took a family bath named “Ume”(梅). There is a small bath around 1m x 2m and It is filled with clear and colorless natural hot spring. water. The source of water temperature is around 57℃.


Looking at the mural of Mt. Fuji while bathing in this bathtub, a large number of jeepneys are running outside the window. I could enjoy fusion atmosphere both Japan and Philippines at the same time and I felt nostalgic.

There is a restaurant as well. But it seems that Koreans, not Japanese. kimchi and Bibimbap are delicious.


300 pesos (3hours)

[Opening hour]

24 hours


Makiling Onsen Hotel

TEL:+63 49 536 6979

Makiling Heights Subd. National Highway, Brgy. Lalakay, Los Baños, 4030