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Thailand has an average annual temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius, but you know that there is a wild hot spring in the beach resort Krabi located one and a half hours from Bangkok on domestic flights.

This time I will introduce two very popular spot in Krabi! “Klong Thom hot spring” where hot springs flow like a waterfall and “Emerald pool”, a huge open-air bath with outstanding transparency. Definitely both adults and children can enjoy there!


Known as a “paradise of nature”, Krabi is a secluded beach resort where untouched nature remains because of the terrain surrounded by the rocks of the cliffs. Island hopping is the most popular, but tours that enjoy natural hot springs and a huge emerald pool are also popular.

The natural hot spring “Krontom Hot Spring” is located about 50 km from Krabi Town and about 65 km from Ao Nang Beach. Although you can go by yourself with a rental motorcycle, you can go efficiently by taking an optional tour that you can go by car because there is a distance.

A number of local travel agencies offer tours around the three locations of “Krontom Hot Spring”, “Emerald Pool” and “Tiger Cave Temple”.


By car, it takes about 1 hour from Krabi Town and 1 hour and a half from Ao Nang Beach to the parking lot. From there it is a 10 minute walk through the woods. An open-air bath where steam can be swept in!

It is a natural hot spring where the rainwater that has penetrated into the surface of the earth is heated deeply under the ground, and of course flows directly from the natural source. All the water of the river flowing from the forest is a hot spring. The amount of hot water is abundant, and even if you are near it, you will feel the heat. And there are natural bathtubs too.


The stream-cut limestone is just deep enough for people to enter, and it looks so perfect that it doesn’t seem so natural. There are about 10 places from top to bottom like a terraced field, and each place is about 5 people. It’s like an artificial open-air bath, and the hot water temperature is 38-40°C, which is just right!

After it rains, the temperature may drop and it may become cloudy, but clear, colorless hot water flows like a waterfall. There are bathtubs here and there, so you can enjoy the changes by gradually changing the location from top to side and then to the bottom.

Since it joins the river, it is perfect for cooldown. It’s a little clouded in ocher, but if you put it in hot water again, there is no problem.

There are no changing rooms or lockers in this jungle hot spring, so it is important to wear a swimsuit and keep your luggage to a minimum. Taking a bath with Thai people in a natural bath surrounded by trees is a unique experience.

Emerald Pool


After enjoying the bath to your heart’s content, move to “Emerald Pool”, which is a 15-minute drive away. No food allowed as it is located in the National Park of Mount Tontiao, which is a wildlife reserve. There is a baggage check, and if you have it, you can leave it at the checkpoint.

There is a two way road from there to the Emerald Pool. The straight gravel road is 800 metres, and the fully paved road is 1,200 metres, both of which walk through rainforest forests.

A large pond of emerald green is at the end of the way while enjoying the forest bath! Although it is called a pool, this is also a natural hot spring flowing directly from the source, and the hot spring river flows into it. It is a warm water pool that is slightly warmer than water, with a water depth of 1-2 meters and a slight sulfur odor.

And surprisingly, the water in the pool looks stagnant and is actually transparent enough to show your feet. The lime-filtered water is very clean, and if you look closely you can see small fish swimming. Lime is piled up on the bottom, and it feels like a carpet.

Also note that the water here is hot spring water! Yes, it also has beauty and relaxation effects. It’s great that you can expect beautiful skin effects just by being there.

There is moss on the water’s edge, which makes it slippery, but there are also people who use it as a slide, or use the water that is flowing down vigorously to make it fun for children and adults alike.

Blue Pool


In the park, there is another beautiful spot created by nature. Proceed further 700 meters from the emerald pool, and you will see a bright blue pond.

In Thai, it is “Blue Pool” called “Sa Nam Phut = Spring Water Pond”. The water is clear and the scenery is stunningly beautiful. If you look closely, bubbles of air pop from the surface of the water. You can feel the mystery of nature from the appearance of water.

You can only view from here because swimming is prohibited. It’s quite a distance from the entrance, so if you take a tour, you will have less time to swim in the emerald pool, but it is worth seeing a fantastic sight similar to Aoike in the Shirakami Mountains, which is a World Natural Heritage site. is.


THB 160

[Opening Hour]

8:30am – 17:00pm


Klong Thom Hot Springs

Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Krabi 81120


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