Puning Hot Spring, Pampanga, Philippines


Relaxation and Adventure rolled into one here!

A spa resort with restaurants and various hot springs in an area named “Station”, popular traveling spot in Angeles that tourist and family can enjoy.

You can reach there about an hour and a half from the center of Clark or around 10 min from Clark International Airport.

First of all, we changed to shirts and shorts rented at “Station 1”, which has a changing room and a restaurant area, boarded 4WD, and headed to “Station 2” which had a sand bath. Arriving when you drive down a steep hill over a small hill in a car.


When the staff members returned the sand and laid their body down a little, they scooped it up with a scoop from the neck down, and applied mud packs made of volcanic ash from Pinatubo to their faces.


Compared to the famous sand bath in Ibusuki, Kagoshima prefecture in Japan, I felt the weight more finely. It seems that the heat of the furnace under the sand spa is used to heat the sand, but its effects are to promote blood circulation, stiff shoulders, headaches and swelling.

The female staff rides on the legs and arms and gives an indirect massage through the sand.
The heat of the sand opened the pores of the whole body, and it became warm enough to see sweat dripping on the back of the head lying on my back. Although it took about 20 minutes to use, it was comfortable because the staff fanned around the face with a large fan.

Suna Yu at Ibusuki, Kagoshima

After getting out of the sand bath and easily brushing off the sand attached to your body, we got on the car again with the mud pack on our face and moved to “Station 3”, which has 15 hot and cold water pools.

In the course of climbing a path along a mountain stream that runs between steep rocks, there are occasions when dust is raised, and there are scenes where water splashes across a river with a moderate depth.
It is a violent up-down.


When you arrive at Station 3, first use the waterfall from which the natural hot spring flows (the waterfall is an artificial molding) as a shower to wash away the sand. The waterfall is warm hot spring water, and it is warm water flowing at your feet. Taking a shower at a hot spring in the magnificent nature is extraordinary and feels good.

The pools range from warm ones to low ones, and you’ll want to come in again and again. When you lie on a cot, you will feel as if you want to stay for a day. It is hot to walk barefoot because the sunshine is strong. If possible, it’s a good idea to bring sandals with you.


Lunch after spending time at the spa. we rode in the car again, went through the unexplored scenery, returned to Station 1, and headed for the buffet restaurant. Avocado, a local Filipino dish with sour, sweet and vinegar, made by simmering meat with vegetables.
“Pansit” which is similar to Japanese yakisoba with chewy noodles.
There are also BBQ, fresh mangoes, etc.

I was satisfied to be able to eat until full.


3,500 pesos or 70 USD (including 4×4 rental, guide, hot spring entrance, sand spa, mud pack, lunch, towel, shirt, and shorts rental)

[Opening hour]

8am ~ 15pm


Puning Hot Spring & Restaurant 


Sitio Target, Barangay Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga, Porac, Pampanga, Philippines