Hidden Valley Springs Resort, Laguna, Philippines


Manila’s unexplored area “Hidden Valley Springs Resort.”

I wonder if some people come to Manila in the Philippines and get tired of the too messy urban atmosphere.

Let me introduce a secret option for you.
This Hidden Valley Springs is the best place for a day trip, it takes just two hours from Manila. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and relax your mind and body!

This hidden resort in the small town of Calauan on the outskirts of Manila.
There are 3 types of pools, waterfalls and accommodations.
Even though it is an artificial resort, it is surrounded by tropical rain-forest, giving you the feeling of being in full nature.
Even if we say “onsen”(hot spring), it is not hot like Japanese hot springs, but rather lukewarm. However, it is a real hot spring made by a volcano.


Soda pool.

The pool is just superb!
There is no doubt that it will look good on Instagram.

The beautiful clear hot springs and rainforest scenery are unique to the Philippines.
The upper stream is a shallow pool that even children can enjoy, and the lower tier is so deep that even adults cannot reach it.


A small pool just outside the soda pool. The depth of the pool is not so deep at about 4 to 5 feet, so it is recommended for those who want to relax like a hot spring rather than swim. Sit back and relax while admiring the spectacular rainforest.


From the natural pool, walking along a path lined with trees, which is said to be about 100 years old, you can hear the sound of water splashing into the waterfall. Unfortunately, swimming in the waterfall is prohibited, but the quiet space and cold splashes have a refreshing effect.


You can play golf too!


Hidden Valley Springs seems to be popular on tours, but the price looks expensive a bit.
Actually getting to Hidden Valley Springs from Manila is easy and you can get there for less than half the price.

If you are willing to take a little effort, enjoy yourself while adventuring, or if you want to save money, it is definitely recommended to go by yourself.

We arrived at 9:30am and headed to Manila before 16:00, which was good.

There is nothing other than the pool, but you can relax enough to spend time in nature
I think it’s the real pleasure of Hidden Valley Springs!


2,500 pesos or 50 USD / person

(included a mediocre lunch and a snack)

[Opening hour]

6am ~ 10pm


Hidden Valley Springs Resort


Barangay Perez, Calauan, Luzon Philippines