Selayang Hot Spring, Selangor, Malaysia


The location of Selayan Hot Spring is located 14km north of Jalan Kuching from the center of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Located just before the flyover that leads to Bandar Baru Selayang. Look out for the signage “Kolam Air Panas” and park your car at the designated parking bays.
It’s a little inconvenient on a bus train.


The hot spring temperature has risen for several years and the amount of hot water has also increased, so the number of hot spring ponds has been increased from three to four.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic nation, so it has different promises from Japan. Moslims should not be dressed to expose their skin. Swimwear is also prohibited.
Generally, non-Malay people should come in T-shirt shorts.
Then, wear warm water with your clothes on. It is a hot spring that should not be naked.


The footbath is quite hot, but it is covered with pebbles for foot massage.It’s a hot spring for one person, but I’ve never seen anyone who is so hot that it fits in my shoulder. There is no water to dilute. So it’s a footbath.


This is the hottest. Nobody dare to put their legs in this pool. Bubbles and steam can be seen rising from this turquoise pool. There are living algaes in this pool which I think is the reason for the turquoise color. A faint stench of sulfur can also be detected.

I always use this one. Hot water is beautiful because it is hot and there are few users. The hot water here is flowing over with sulfur.

The pond next door used to be around 43 degrees Celsius, and I had been soaking it in my shoulders, but since then the temperature has risen and is now around 52 degrees Celsius.


  • Entrance is free. 
  • Parking is RM 2 per car, RM 0.50 for motorbikes.

[Opening hour]

7:00am till late


 Baru Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, malaysia