Pengkalan Hulu Hot Spring, Perak, Malaysia


Formerly named Kroh (or Keroh), Pengkalan Hulu, a small town located in Perak’s northern most district of Hulu Perak, is more popularly known as the gateway to Thailand’s paradise town, Betong.

Drive on the left side of the Thai border and discover the village of Kampong Ayerv Panas. The name “hot spring” is used from elementary school to police.

There are three long springs that connect the springs that spring up.
The surrounding area is a simple villa style accommodation, dining room and meeting room.The whole bath is like lukewarm water in the late 30℃.

There is a spring in the bath on the left I took a bath because it was a proper temperature.
Iron carbonate-based hot water, which turned a cloudy brown color, was springing from the feet, and bubbles were also observed.
The scent of hot water is not particularly strong, but water is good.


The feeling of hot water is different from that of Ullegon hot spring in Kedah.
However, since it is on the opposite side of the same mountain, the origin of the hot water is the same.


As said, Pengkalan Hulu is a small town, encompassing only 873.70 km² of land. Despite this, there are about ten motels, hotels, rest houses and chalets for visitors to choose from. Popular among tourists is Chalet Air Panas (Hot Springs Chalet), just 2km from Betong. VIP chalets range from RM85 per night for four persons to RM162 per night for one person. Budget-friendly accommodation is also available in the form of normal chalets and dormitories.


Driving from Ipoh, take the North-South Expressway, exiting from Kuala Kangsar. From there, get on the trunk road to Gerik and continue north to Pengkalan Hulu, following the sign boards by the left side of the road. This stretch is uphill and winding all the way, as Pengkalan Hulu is some 380m (1250 ft) above sea level. So drive carefully, especially when it is raining. About 190km from Ipoh, this road trip takes approximately 3 hours.


Please ask the villa.

Chalet Air Panas

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Chalet Air Panas

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