MAINIT HOT SPRING, Cebu, Philippines


Southern Cebu Island, whale sharks are the most famous tourist destinations, but in fact, there are various other recommended tourist destinations. You can find whale sharks, Sumilon Island, Kawasan Falls waterfalls, etc. Did you know that there are hot springs as well?

This time, I would like to introduce a hot spring called Mainit Spring in Malabuyoc. It has become a popular travel spot for people living in Cebu Island and tourists from overseas.

There is Esoy Hot Spring in the northern part of Cebu Island.

This is in the southern part of Cebu Island.

Mainit in Tagalog means hot. So it will become a “hot spring”with direct translation.

You can reach Malabuyoc in about 3 hours by car from Cebu city. When you arrive at Mainit hot springs, there is an area where you can soak in the hot spring within 5-10 minute walk from the parking area.


The hot spring area is surrounded by many trees, so it felt like being in a forest and full of nature. There are four types of hot springs here. The temperatures are different, with the highest temperature being 42.6°C and the lowest being 35.6°C.

When I went to 42.6℃, the highest temperature, no one was soaked in water. Many people used it as a footbath.

Although 40°C is a little hot, it is a temperature that you can soak in your shoulders, and Filipino tourists visiting here were also relaxing.

The remaining 36.1℃ and 35.8℃ hot springs are just right, so these two hot springs are popular.


There was also a point where you could enjoy playing with the river at the same time as the hot springs, as water would flow from a nearby waterfall.

It’s a bit far from Oslob, where the whale shark is famous, but you can get there when you’re back in Cebu City. After snorkeling, you may visit this hot spring for relaxation and then return to Cebu city.



・20 pesos or 40c USD / person

・Car park 50 pesos

[Opening hour]

365 days, 24 hours



Mainit, Brgy. Montañeza, Malabuyoc, Lalawigan ng Cebu, Philippines