Hot springs of Sungai Serai, Selangor, Malaysia

This is the best hot spring in Malaysia for me. Location is Sungai Serai around 30 min from city of Kuala Lumpur (KL).

The natural pond is a hot spring. There are several plastic chairs lined up in the hot spring so that you can take a half bath. The temperature of hot water varies depending on the place, and it is about 43℃ in hot places. The hot springs spring from the bottom with bubble and are 100% natural. It smells of sulfur.

There is another spring with a diameter of about 1m under the tree next to it, which is using for washing a body.But you can’t get in here.
When I tried it into my mouth , it tasted refreshing natural water.


Here, you first pay the entrance fee at a small shop. Chickens and cats are welcomed on site.

After that, change into a bathing suit in the changing room like a wide telephone booth and enter the hot water. That’s awesome feeling.

If you don’t have much depth and you want to reach your shoulders, you have to lie down on a chair or lie on your back.


I recommend to come here early morning or night time because it is too hot in daytime.

Often, older men in the hot springs are sitting in plastic chairs and blooming in political discussions.
As it got darker, the number of families, couples, and female customers gradually increased, and residents in the neighborhood gathered to talk lively. In the evening, staff sing karaoke at the entrance house.
Uncle came to sell herbal tea on a motorcycle, some people gave sweets to cats and chickens, and can listen the voice of birds.



[Opening Hour]

24 hours


Kampung Sungai Serai, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

Around 30 min from KL, Malaysia by a car.