88 Hotspring Resort, Laguna Philippines


You can get there in about 1 hour from Manila. So this is very popular place for travel and sightseeing from Manila, Philippines.This resort is operated by Korean owner.

There are about 10 hot springs where you can enter with a swimsuit.
The temperature of hot springs varies depending on the pool(around 40~49℃), and there are hot spots that Japanese people like.

The hotel in the spacious resort is like a cottage and is a quiet and calm space. Not only the massage spa but also a place where you can experience live shooting, a casino, ride a boat, etc.


At the hotel restaurant, you can enjoy authentic Korean food . Recommended is set menu A, which you can order from 4 people. Jigu soup, pork and beef bulgogi, and chapche are the main ingredients. In addition to that, 6 kinds of small plates, sanchu and rice are included, making it a perfect volume. Koreans can also enjoy the delicious taste. The small plate, sanchu, and rice are free to change, and I am very satisfied!

Delicious Korean Food

This is the unique shape of hot springs and It’s the hottest one in this place.

If you go inside more, you will find a large hot spring.
It is the largest hot spring in 88 hot springs.
This is the main part, and there are moderate steps, so babies and others can play in the shallow water.
There’s also a slider, as you can see on the left.
I am surprised that it is faster than it looks.


There are cottages around the main hot spring, and you can stay and rest here with an extra fee. There are also spa, you can get a massage.

Go further more, there is huge natures.You can play on the lawn, or you can ride a boat on the lake at the back.



800 pesos

[Opening hour]

7 am – 10 pm


OYO 648 88 Hotspring Resort And Hotel

TEL: +6349 536-1388

9601 National Highway Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Pagsanjan, Luzon 4030 Philippines